Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my FAVORITE cell pics...

i'm a hoarder. not a hoarder of stuff, a hoarder of pictures. i can't delete them. i just can't. which is why i have 300+ on my phone. i think that's too many. possibly why i can't fit more than 50 text messages! i had planned this to be my top ten favorites. but i couldn't cut it down to ten. so it's going to have to be however many it ends up being :)

my oldest and youngest, only weeks after Esme was born. it brings tears to my eyes even still!

punk rock baby!

best friends

my little angel :)

grown up best friends!

they really do love each other

the kids playing dress up with Esme, they dressed her as a "motorcycle guy"

helping each other with chores

two of my favorite guys

she's a star at heart

my little man, when he really was a little man!

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Sassy said...

I love cell phone pics! :) They tend to tell stories that many "posed" pictures could never dream of!