Friday, September 23, 2011

parents just don't understand...

i have to tell you guys something... it may come as a surprise... i am way out of my league on this teenager thing! just when i got comfortable, thinking i'm an old pro at this parenting bit, i get smacked with puberty. half the time i'm not even sure what we're talking about.

"so she was like, i'm totally over this. and i was like, whatever, you are just being ridick. she was like i know, right?"

"um, right on sis!"

"mom, why do you say right on? it makes you sound like a hippie."

alrighty. i knew the day would come that i would be old and stupid. i had no idea it would come at 33. the funny part is that among her friends, we're the cool parents because we have piercings and tattoos and we're much younger than her friends parents. but as far as she's concerned, we're lame. and we don't understand. and we're trying to ruin her life. the job of a mother is never done.

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