Wednesday, December 22, 2010

happy holidays?

two days? TWO DAYS?? it all started last thursday.... just your typical thursday. take care of kids, take care of husband, go to bed, wake to kid throwing up.... yep. it's here. christmas? no, the stomach flu. each day a new member gets it. dragging it out as long as humanly possible. nearly every bed has now been vomited in. carpets, sheets, tile, pj's, it's all soiled. i have a pile of laundry you wouldn't believe... the house is trashed... there's cooking and wrapping to do... and still more puking. i want to have a pity party... when will it end? why us? but i have to remember, we are all here this christmas. alive, breathing, together, loving. we have friends and family and each other and are blessed. sickness is a bump in the road. a small one at that. we'll just keep pouring the cups of 7up and it will be over before i know it. merry christmas to you :)

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