Monday, January 25, 2010

streakers on the loose

i frequently encounter a disturbing part of parenthood that No one warned me about. the stress? no.
the large quantities of money needed? nope.
the horrific amount of excess skin i now possess? nada. (although that is disturbing, but on a different level!)

what i am finding is that in this house we seem to have somewhat of an obsession with peepees and whohaas. are you with me here? now in our house, we use the anatomically correct names for these parts. but i just can't bring myself to type them here. prude that i am... anyway, we have little boys in this house who love any reason at all to get out their little man parts. to pee off the front porch, to run around naked, to put it on the kitchen table while i'm cooking. yes, i said on the kitchen table. now my girls aren't quite so adventurous. they just like to be mostly naked, as much as possible. it's the middle of winter in the midwest. we live in a 110 year old house. it's cold ladies! put some clothes on! i buy them these cozy, warm PJ's for winter and they want to sleep in their underwear. i try to take it all in stride. you know, not make a big deal, lest i scar them for life like sybil. but i can only take so much. and how am i supposed to teach them to cover up when half the day they see me on the couch with my breast out?


Life with Kaishon said...

This was so funny. I can not stop laughing : ) I missed visiting you! : ) I was just reading a comment for you where you said, Do I sound bitter? SO funny!
PS That little baby toosh is PERFECTION!
I am surprised you didn't want to illustrate with a picture of a the table with the (you know what) on it : )

themrs said...

LOL i suppose if there's anything that will put them in therapy it would be a picture of their man parts on my blog!
ps: i love baby tooshies too :)