Thursday, January 14, 2010

someone let the crazy out!

i have to rant for a moment so if you came here for a laugh today, you may want to check back tomorrow! there is a blog that i read regularly, i will not name it as i don't want to add to the crazy. i enjoy this blogger. she's funny, she posts cool pictures, i find it entertaining. she has a rather large following. it came to my attention today that are people who feel this woman is misrepresenting herself. they don't like her or her blog. so they have started their own blog where they can talk about how much they don't like her, what a bad mother/wife/blogger/human being she is and they can all congregate together around their virtual burning cross. what is wrong with people? if you come across a blog you don't like you can choose not to read it! think someone is full of BS? go to another page! why would you spend precious time sitting at your computer talking about someone you don't like? the irony? they claim she's a bad mother because she blogs too much, therefore spending too much time online as opposed to with her children. they are saying all this while online, not parenting their children. hypocritical much??


Sassy said...

Yeah it sounds like this is the same site I was talking about! I personally have my own suspicions about the blogger they talk about but I'm not going to spend time hating on her. It's not worth it! I actually wouldn't have even bothered looking at the hate site until I heard rumors going around that they were badmouthing another blogger (one that I do really love and don't know how ANYONE can talk bad about!) so that's when I decided to look. It took me one visit to realize it wasn't worth my time.

themrs said...

yep, has to be the same. i have suspicions about her too but why bother spending all day hating on a total stranger? i mean, seriously, get a freakin hobby! if i don't like a blogger, i choose not to read! simple as that. when they dragged the other into it i felt that crossed a line. i find her genuine, sweet and very much the christian she claims to be.