Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pride cometh before a fall...

truer words have never been spoken... yesterday was theMr's first day back at work. i had been somewhat nervous as to how it would go. he works 12-9 so i was especially concerned with how bedtime would go with five children. then, to my surprise, the day went very smoothly! i was able to get all my normal things done, dinner made by a decent hour, homework completed and lunches packed and everyone in bed on time. i even baked cupcakes! after they were down i got the baby settled and took a relaxing, hot bath. i actually had the nerve to think to myself "five kids is no big deal, i can handle this!". well, there was my first mistake. during the night, the princess got sick. by morning, the three school age children were all sick. two with pink eye and one with "my-tummy-hurts-i-think-i'm-gonna-puke". so i was already starting the day with a few points against me. add to the three sick kids a terror of a two year old and a newborn and you have yourself a day of chaos. of course, we had to venture out to pick up prescriptions (thank goodness for a doctor who knows me well enough to not require us to have an appointment and will take my word for it that we have pink eye!). this little excursion consisted of a screaming baby (who was fed, changed and should have been fine but she hates her carseat!) and a toddler who thought it would be fun to pinch his sister the entire time. he's lucky he's in the very back seat of the van or he may have found me pinching him back. a friend was supposed to come over and bring dinner and see the baby but i cancelled because i honestly couldn't handle someone coming over at that point. not even for a free dinner. the real miracle is that by the time theMr got home the kids were in bed, the house was clean and there was dinner for him to eat. but i will never again think to myself "five kids is no big deal!". lesson learned.

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