Friday, October 16, 2009

update on themrs!

first of all, thank you to all of you who have commented or emailed asking how we're doing! it means so much to me to have support, even from "strangers"! we're doing as well as can be expected with baby #5! i'm at that point where it feels like all i do is nurse the baby and attempt to sleep :) although i'm very tired, i'm enjoying these days with my last baby. with others, i think i was anxious to get to the "easier" stage of more sleep and less feeding. but knowing this is my last, i'm trying to savor these moments that i know go by so quickly. i find myself holding her more than i should (that is, knowing i'll regret it next week when theMr is back at work and miss esme refuses to be put down:) but i just want to cherish those moments of holding a new baby on my chest while she sleeps. she's made it clear that she wants to sleep in mommy's arms or mommy's bed. normally i'm a stickler for not allowing the baby in the bed but i have to admit i've been lax with her. i see now how the youngest becomes spoiled! thankfully, all the kids adore her. they come home from school and fight over who gets to hold her. the princess has become the hand sanitizer nazi for us. anyone who comes in the door is informed immediately that they must sanitize their hands before touching the baby. it works out well as people tend to think it's cute coming from her. i've officially updated the blog to change my younger son's name to "the little guy" and add the baby. it only took me a week, not too bad, huh? hope you're all staying warm and enjoying this beautiful season. the leaves are in full change here and although it's cold, it's gorgeous. one of the benefits of the midwest is the spectacular fall. it amazes me every year. happy fall!

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