Monday, July 13, 2009

pregnancy = no brain filter

ahhh.... it's monday again. this weekend flew by and now i'm once again counting down to another one. theMr continues working his second job so it's just me and the little people all week. nothing more fun than dragging four kids to the store when all you need is milk or having to take them with me to a doctor's office. all good times.
we went out saturday night to see my father in law's band play and also the band of a friend of ours. (shout out to homeland! check them out at i have to tell you the cutest thing. at the homeland show (which was at an outdoor amphitheater) the lead singer's wife and two year old son were there. the lead singer used to be a pastor at our church and his sister is a good friend of mine. anyway, throughout the show his son kept running toward the stage because he wanted his daddy. it was so sweet (although i'm sure not so much for his poor mother who had to try and keep him occupied the whole time). it made my heart melt for their little family and at the same time made me glad i wasn't chasing my own kids around there, LOL.
about the filter thing... i have a low filter normally. it is a constant struggle to keep my mouth from repeating what my brain is telling it at any given moment. when i'm pregnant, that filter is out the window. example? i actually glared and was rude to some stranger for not holding the door for me at speedway. did you seriously not see the big pregnant woman directly behind you? thanks so much for holding the door for me. then i found myself filled with rage at the grocery over someone staring at my two year old who was having a meltdown. uh, hello? yes, i am aware this child is causing a scene and NO i cannot do anything about it. move on. nothing to see here. if i don't have this baby soon someone is not going to make it and there's a good chance it will be a complete stranger.


antoinette marie said...

i had to come and stop by your blog cause i absolutely loved your stories on 'life with kaison'....i'm glad someone besides me has crazy neighbors and wasn't all flowers and sunshine, like most of their stories were, lol! great call on having your son sing more instead of less...anyone who's bothered by a little boy singing about jesus must be a real peach to live by, yikes! best of time ahead to you! blessings...

themrs said...

welcome and thanks for stopping by!