Friday, February 18, 2011

flashback friday

this post isn't that old but it made me smile... especially since this dear child is now showing no inclination to walk. she can climb just about anything though so don't worry... she's still finding ways to get in trouble! happy long weekend all, i'll see ya on the flipside!

esme is a bit, how do i put it, stationary.

girlfriend was in no particular hurry to roll over, sit up and now crawl. at 9 months old she's showing no signs of crawling. now some mothers might be concerned about this seeing that all the charts say that babies crawl between 6-10 months. but those mothers did not have a baby who walked at 7 MONTHS (ZaZa) and 9 MONTHS (the little guy).

i am in no hurry for her to be mobile. she is totally content to sit on our living room floor with her basket of toys playing happily and staying right where i left her.

no crawling up the stairs. no eating every minute crumb off the carpet. just staying put. which is more than i can say for any other child in this house! so imagine my surprise today when i went to get her up from her nap and found her standing in her crib!

i've never seen her get from laying to sitting by herself, much less stand up!

she was quite impressed with herself if the high pitched screeching was any indicator!

i came in and told the kids about it and they were as shocked as i was. they made some hilarious observations!

the Bean: "maybe she's in there every day at naptime running laps in her crib to trim down her chubby thighs!"

the Princess: "maybe she already knows how to walk she just hides it from us so we'll still carry her around!"

Za: "she's been trickin us all this time!"

she is a crafty little one!

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