Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the most mature parents ever

last night, my husband and i had a standoff. let me preface this by saying that in general, we get along very well. we are one of those rare couples who very rarely don't get along. we just really like each other. but last night, we were both very tired and very stressed out. so we manage to get all four kids to bed, lunches packed, laundry put away and house clean. we sit down to watch a movie together. about five minutes in, it starts skipping. i ask eli to clean it off and he wants me to. i refuse and the standoff begins. we probably sat there for ten minutes, each waiting for the other one to give in and do it. the phone rings and i answer it, a call i need to take. when i'm finished, he's still sitting there. eventually, I get up and clean the DVD. by this point, i'm furious. so for the remainder of the movie, a comedy none the less, i refuse to smile or laugh (even though it really was funny). afterwards, we go to bed, still not speaking. as i think about it today, i realize how COMPLETELY ridiculous the whole thing was. just goes to show that sometimes four kids gets to even the happiest couple! i know when he gets home from work tonight, i'll need to apologize for my lack of maturity, which i really dislike doing :) maybe tonight we could try movie night again. and if it starts skipping, it's HIS turn to clean it.....

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