Monday, January 14, 2008

so i mopped the kitchen floor today, and i've decided i'd like to strangle the person who thought white would be a good color for a floor. i'm pretty sure i swept up enough cheerios to feed all the kids breakfast for a week. we're hoping to install a new floor in the kitchen this summer, i think i'll pick something dirt colored. and possibly with a design that resembles cheerios. then i would never have to sweep or mop. that would be fantastic! i was trying to get the house clean from the weekend. for some reason the house is a complete disaster on mondays. i think because everyone is home and we tend to be off the normal routine. i try to clean up on sunday nights, so i don't wake up to a mess. but this week it just didn't happen. i was too tired to even think about it. i found out today that a friend of mine is pregnant with her second child. for a moment i thought how exciting it is to be having a new baby and thought i should have another. and then i came to my senses! i remembered that when i go to bed at night i can sleep until morning. i can leave all four of my kids with a sitter now. i can take a shower if my oldest is home to watch the baby (not a long shower, but a shower none the less). you forget about all those things when you see a newborn baby. you miss that smell and their little hands and the way they just stare at you. you forget about the stretch marks, sleep deprivation, eating a meal while breastfeeding (and trying not to drip food on the baby's head) and all the other things that go along with having a baby. but i do love a new baby! thankfully, my sister in law is having her own so i can get my "fix" there. and not gain 70lbs in the process.

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